The last time we spoke I thought i was stuck and that I was going to have to do a bunch of rewrites. Since then, a good deal of that has changed. I will, of course, be going back over stuff and probably rewriting smaller bits like I usually do, but it looks like they won’t be nearly as extensive as I thought they were going to have to be. After a short panic attack, I got to chat with a friend of mine and bounce ideas off of him for an hour or so. He’s been an amazing help and seems to always get me around those annoying walls we writer folk tend to run into.

It’s really odd how every time I get stuck the problem seems to be resolved when I finally break down, admit I’m stuck and have a sort of brainstorming idea with one of three or four friends. It is usually turns out to be a bunch of ideas that I’ve already had combined together with a small tweak here or there thrown in for fun that ends up being the answer. For some reason though these answers always elude me until I have one of these conversations.

I know it’s just a simple brainstorming session and that people every where use it all the time to come up with ideas and work through problems of all kinds. It just always seem to impress me with how well it actually works. What I was wondering from other writer people out there that may read this is, do any of you have that person or group of people that helps you brainstorm and work through issues with stories, or, am I in the minority here? Please drop me a note, I’d love to hear your opinions.

Back to work with me, have a great weekend!


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