Hey it’s Tuesday!

Hey it’s Tuesday!

So I killed someone today, well one of my characters anyway. It wasn’t a major character but it was not an insignificant one either. I was out for a ride after I wrote this section of the book and noticed that I felt kind of sad and contemplative. It was odd really, considering it was a completely fictional character and it still made me feel sad. I guess I am getting more attached to my work and characters as time goes on.

I know that I often look back on things I’ve written and feel whatever emotion it was that I was trying to evoke but I had never felt sad at offing a character before. It was pretty interesting and dreadful all at the same time. I really don’t want to be a writer that won’t off a character if it’s best for the story just because I can’t bear to do it. I guess it will just have to be something to keep an eye on as I go.

Have a great day all, back to work with me.


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