In other news today…

Book three will be out next Friday April 5th! So make sure you pick up the first two books so you can jump right in and see how it all turns out in book 3!

I may have to adjust the type but that’s the cover to book 3, which takes up to the big apple this time!

I’ve also started my new project and I’m still working out plot details, but I have a few thousand words so far and I’m really enjoying it. It is not an After the Storm story. I don’t have a title yet but if I had to describe my idea for it right now I would go with Battlestar Galactica, meets Firefly, meets the space marines from Aliens. More on this story as it develops!

I’m also still working on the book 1 screenplay and a children’s book centered on Lily my German Shepherd

“I wanna be a star!”

Have a great weekend all,


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