Apocalyptic Fiction

Apocalyptic Fiction

It started out like any other day today. I had some stuff to do that didn’t involve writing, as most Tuesdays do. I ended up at Brigham and Women’s hospital early this afternoon to go see a friend of mine’s brand new bouncing baby boy, so Congratulations to her and her husband!

While I was there visiting my phone dinged and I took a quick peek at my email to see if it was anything important. Lo and behold it was an email telling me that I had received a message from @apocalypticfiction that they had finished reading book 1 of After the Storm and that the review was now up on the site Apocalypticfiction.com. Thankfully they were nice enough to mention in the message that they really enjoyed the story so I didn’t have to panic on whether I should read the review or not. 🙂

So not only did I get to spend some time holding a newborn today, which is a very cool thing to get to do, I also got to read my very first review from a review site! Anyway, here’s a link to the review. Give it a read!  http://apocalypticfiction.com/

I would also like to thank apocalyptic fiction one more time for taking the time to give my first book a chance as well as for the great review!

Back to work with me!


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