Spring is here finally!

Spring is here finally!

Even though there’s still snow on the ground and supposedly we may be getting a bit more this weekend, it is getting warmer and the sun is out longer. These are two things I am very happy about. I haven’t updated here in a bit because with all the snow and crappy weather came a lot of misery and just plain hating everything.

On the plus side I was accepted and am now a proud member of the SFWA which is the science fiction/fantasy writers of America and I’m hoping that will help learn me some shit I didn’t know, introduce me to some new people and open some doors as to what I should be doing to further my wonderful chosen vocation.

I have been writing the new Strand book and it looks like it’s going to be lots of fun (if I don’t screw it up along the way) and I’ve also been working on a travel section, on this very site, with tips and stories from the places I’ve gotten to go in the last few years. Hopefully the number of places I get to go will increase over time so that I never run out of stories to tell.

I’ve come to the conclusion that travel is my newest addiction. I love learning about new and different places and then try and figure out a way to get to see them in person sometime before I die. This years trip looks to be a cruise up the Northeast coast which will get me into a couple of very cool cities in Canada (St. John and Halifax to be exact) but that’s not happening until later in the year. I’m hoping for a couple shorter road trips to tide me over until then.

Other than that I’m just writing writing writing and hoping that some of it doesn’t suck.

Back to work with me,


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