The holidays are over with and it’s a brand new year! Thanksgiving and Christmas were both good with minimal drama, which is always nice, and new year’s was great because I got to spend it with my darling wife (for the first time in a few years) at a wonderful Italian restaurant. All in all the holidays were pretty good!

I don’t usually consider the holiday season to be over for me until after the Arisia scif-fi convention which happens every year in Boston on the weekend before MLK day. Now that it has passed I can buckle down and try to get back t the daily grind of writing more stories and creating new and hopefully interesting worlds.

I was on two panels this year at Arisia and both seemed to go very well. The first was a panel about The Walking Dead and its spin off The Talking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. My fellow panelists were all interesting and knew the shows quite well. The audience was engaged and asked some great questions. I just wish there had been more people in attendance, we had a large room and barely got twenty people.

The second panel was on Sunday and was right in the middle of the AFC divisional game, same as it was last year. That would be the only complaint I had about this panel. The room was packed and the audience was wonderful, they had great comments and asked interesting questions. Our moderator ran the panel flawlessly and the other members followed suit. I was very happy with this panel and hope that I can be on it or something similar next year.

The rest of my two days at the Westin waterfront hotel was spent wandering around enjoying the costumes and people of Arisia, catching up with old friends that were also attending, drinking far too much or any combination of the three.

I bring the panels up mainly because The second one, that was focused on pulling the emotional strings of your readers, reminded me of a couple things that i had been neglecting the last few months of 2015. As a self employed writer with no deadlines it sometimes gets hard to stay focused and get your work done. It doesn’t matter if its posting on social media with ads or updating my page or writing a new story, it all counts and all has to get done… because I am no where near rich enough to hire people to do my ad work for me.

Somewhere during the panel the point came up that it was important for a writer to write every day. It didn’t matter if it was a blog or pages in your story just something, anything. There were a couple other points that I mentally jotted down but that was the one that struck home. I had not so much forgotten it as shoved it t the back of my mind when I hit a bit of a wall a few months back. Once I started down that undisciplined path of writing only once in a while it just sort of snowballed downhill from there to where i would go days or weeks with barely writing anything at all. That needs to change. Now the holidays are over for the moment and I have nothing else to claim as a distraction so it seems like a great time to get back up on the horse and start over again. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing story pages or updating my site here or adding to my travel journal (also on this site) I will be working toward writing something everyday. Hopefully, I’ll find some folks out there that will enjoy it and don’t mind taking a few minutes to give it a read.

On to 2016!

Back to work with me



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