Batman Vs. Superman

Batman Vs. Superman

To say that I was sorely disappointed would be an understatement. It’s been a long time since I’ve considered walking out of a movie before it was over much less a superhero movie. I had a feeling months ago when the first trailer came out that I wasn’t going to overly enjoy this movie but I never thought it could be as bad as it actually was.

Since it is still only a week old I’ll do my best to not give out any spoilers (and I’ll warn you ahead of time if I do). Most of my major issues aren’t spoiler related anyway. First off, I’m never a fan of movies that mangle up three or four different story lines that ran through comics over the course of a couple decades. This movie has that in spades. Then there is far too much Slo mo, Superman carrying a little girl, Batman walking through tall grass and wonder woman walking out of a party, plus endless amounts of slo mo during Batman’s origin (which you essentially have to watch twice… in slo mo).

I’m not sure why but there is never a real clear reason why these two should be at each others throats and in the end when they come together its because of one of the most stupid and contrived plot lines I’ve ever heard of, that essentially centers around someone uttering a single word. I literally threw my hands up in the air at this point. Also The theme of God vs man is shoved down your throat just about every ten minutes of this two and a half hour travesty. and the dialogue felt forced and fake.

The cast was superb and I believe they tried very hard to make a good movie, unfortunately the writers and directors didn’t seem to care nearly as much. Zack Snyder and whoever wrote this and looked at it and said “Oh yeah, this is gold,” should be ashamed of themselves. Hell I even thought that the score made no sense with this movie and I never notice the scores to movies. All in all there is a metric ton of wasted potential in this movie.

One last point before I finish my rant. I’ve now watched this new superman in two movies, both of which I disliked, I think he’s an excellent choice to play Superman and I keep trying to like him, but it seems that the writers don’t want me to. It makes no sense at all to me to make your main character completely lack anyway to connect or care about him/her. I honestly didn’t give a crap about Superman at the end of this movie, and considering how it ends, I should NOT feel that way. Either way I will not be back for a second viewing. ¬†Way to go DC you’ve managed to screw the pooch once again.

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