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RIP Twinkie 1930-2012

RIP Twinkie 1930-2012

Normally, I wouldn’t care all that much if an icon of Americana like the Twinkie went the way of the Dodo. I mean yeah I’d be like “Wow that sucks,” or “Damn I never thought that would happen,” but still it wouldn’t bother me as much as this is. Granted, the reason it’s bothering me so much is a completely selfish reason, which is usually why things bother me. Why else would petty stuff bother me if it didn’t effect me personally?

I’m attending a Sci-Fi convention called Arisia 2013 in January and I’m hosting a party one of the three nights to pimp my books. One of the main snacks at said After the Storm the party was going to be Twinkies since one of the characters, George, hoards them after the world ends. See you’d know all this if you’d read the first two books… that are on sale now on Amazon for only $2.99 apiece! 🙂

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