After the Storm… pun intended

After the Storm… pun intended

It seems we had a microburst or small tornado in my neighborhood yesterday. We had our power go out but that was the extent of the damage for us. It seems the rest of my neighborhood didn’t fare as well. Dozens of streets were closed because trees fell across them or pulled down power lines. I saw at least five cars buried under trees and whole sidewalks torn up because the tree came up at the root. Thankfully no one was hurt that I know of but there had to be a few million in damages.

All of that excitement has thrown me off course for the last couple days so tonight I get myself back on track and hopefully I can get a bunch of editing done. It’s almost done and I’m hoping to have the second book up on amazon by the end of the month.


Just wanted to give a little update, now I’m off to vote for the use of leafblowers (long story) and then back to work with me.


Enjoy the day all!


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