Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet?

I’m getting antsy. The second book is done and set up but I’m not releasing it on Amazon until Friday and it’s kind of driving me buggy. The first book was so chaotic that it wasn’t released just once. As soon as it was up I was fixing stuff, making changes and trying to find places to market it. Now though all of those things are in place and I should be able to put this second one up without much editing. I’m hoping I learned some stuff from the first release.

So I keep trying to find stuff that needs to be done before the release and I’m just not finding it because everything is pretty much all set. Guess I’ll need to find some other projects to keep me occupied. I was thinking about drawing some character sketches, or working on the book of short stories I want to do. I could also work on the outline for the third book. I suppose fleshing that out some might be good.

Ah well I guess I’ll just pick one and work on it for awhile. back to work with me.

Enjoy the day,



P.S. RELEASE DATE, FRIDAY AUGUST 3rd 2012. After the Storm book 2 “Boston” pick it up on Amazon for kindle or paperback!!!

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