Release day!

Release day!

Book 2 is now up on Amazon for kindle. The paperback version takes a bit to catch up so that should be up sometime in the next couple days. In the meantime it can be found in paperback at for $7.99. Barnes and Noble seems to be taking a bit longer with the nook version but it will be up there as well as soon as it’s ready. 

It’s funny I was so anxious for the last couple days and today it’s here and now I’m looking around like what the fuck? I think I may have been over prepared because now I’m sitting around checking off my list of places to post it and I’m already done and it’s not even noon. This was much more difficult and time consuming the first time around. If I got that much better at this part of it I can only pray that my writing got that much better the second time around… Probably not but one can dream. 🙂

Anyway I guess this frees up a bit of time to go mow the lawn or something else that seems not as fun.

Enjoy your weekend all and don’t forget to pick up Book 2!




P.S. Oh yeah, book 1 is free this weekend on kindle as well. If you haven’t picked that up do that as well!

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