So as I have sometimes posted in my other blog Thursday is usually grocery day. I often come home from grocery day very angry and think that the world needs a culling. As usual I think it again this thursday even though there was no particularly bad thing that happened, I just think the world is far too overpopulated when a grocery store parking lot is jammed packed at 2PM on a thursday.

Anyway, I spent all day yesterday trying to get websites linked and all that crap so today I will work on getting some more pages of book 2 done. The first book had just about doubled last month sales and has already broken 300 for the month of march. It may not be a huge number but I’m very pleased that it sold half that many.

Book 2 is nicely taking shape, the story is filling out nicely and hopefully people will enjoy seeing my characters back in action. I’d say I’m almost halfway through with writing it and hopefully will have it up on Amazon sometime in late May or June.

off to write some more pages!


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