Our lovely little society

Our lovely little society

I’ve lapsed a couple weeks since I’ve been wrapped up the with the release and marketing of the second book as well as more edits to the first book. Since I had a bit of free time this morning I was catching up on stuff and something hit me that I’ve thought before it just seemed glaring today. What it was was the extreme divide that seems to be permeating through just about every facet of our country today. It will eventually tear us apart, my questions are how much more extreme does it need to get before it does and will it be soon enough that I can enjoy it?

I suppose that may sound horrible to some people, but the fact of the matter is that I think about the end of the world/civilization a lot. I don’t do it because it makes good stories, which it does, I do it because, as weird as it sounds, I actually look forward to it. In my opinion this has had to be the most boring and annoying 50 years in US history. At least in my part of the world. I often hear about how great this country is and how we have freedom and I should be grateful. Fuck you. It’s a lie. A big, brash, boldface fucking lie. All of it. Like when they used to say that Rome was the end all and be all of civilization. Well yeah, they ruled just about everything but that doesn’t mean a lot of people actually liked them. As a matter of fact, I’m sure most people didn’t, just like us. We are not the best country in the world nor are we the most free, that’s just our pitch line to the rest of the world.

Quite honestly, we are the most annoying country in the world, I’d bet that’s a fact. We used to be a great nation filled with great people. Unfortunately, most of them are dead now, as is most of our greatness. Now we’re filled with a population of spoiled whining children who think that everything should be handed to them while they sit at home and do much of nothing. Hard work and manual labor have been replaced with tiny cubicles and the horror of carpal tunnel syndrome. We have become a society of cowards who hide behind the anonymity of their computer screens and their usernames. And if that doesn’t work and someone actually threatens you, have no fear you can always sue them or have them arrested because they scared the precious baby. God I fucking hate people.

That’s just on a personal level. It gets even worse when you go national. Both sides of the political spectrum seem to have lost their collective fucking minds. Meanwhile, those of us that can actually still think like logical human beings are tormented daily with a barrage of ignorant and ludicrous statements shoving whatever happens to be the agenda of the day down our throats. Bitching that we’re horrible people if we don’t side with this group or that or that we’re gonna burn in hell if we do side with the other folks who are just as fucking crazy. Hey left, hey right, got a little message for you… SHUT THE FUCK UP! We in the middle and the right are sick and tired of listening to your pointless and bullshit drivel. God doesn’t care about gay people getting married and I don’t care to hear about gays whining about being oppressed. seriously, shut up. When they start hunting you down and dragging you behind pickups come see me, until then shhhh, those of us that have a brain in our heads have heard enough, really. You can complain all day about progress and how fair blah blah blah whatever and we still don’t care or want to hear it anymore. Also, those of you on the other side trying to tell me that the rich need tax breaks because if they don’t get them they won’t be able to hire more people to create more awesome minimum wage jobs for us to toil away at. Yeah you need to cut the shit as well, seriously, enough is enough. I’m sure there is some yahoo somewhere that buys your line of shit but then again I’m betting I can find some moron to buy the Brooklyn bridge from me as well. It doesn’t make it right it just says there is a lot of stupid people, and there are.

Which brings me to my next point. We used to be a leader in education yet now we’re like 17th in math or lower in other areas. I’d like to say I’m surprised but I can’t. When you stop striving for excellence then you stop getting it. Now days everyone gets a trophy or an award because they want everyone to feel good, which to me is just absurd. There’s winning and losing. Pretty much like good and evil, you can’t have one without the other. You also can’t truly understand one if you haven’t done the other, but hey that’s a different blog I guess. This everyone wins thing just adds to my earlier point of the whining children having everything handed to them. I wish I could pinpoint when this started happening so that one day when they invent a time machine, which will undoubtedly be built someplace like India because all our scientists and engineers will be sitting around with their thumbs up their asses or playing beer pong waiting for their next government subsidy check that they think they’re entitled to for no reason, I can go back and off the idiot that thought this was a good idea.

Eventually, all this stupidity and extremism will boil over into the streets. Our country is rife with dissent, the problem is most people are too lazy or self centered to do anything about it. We are tearing ourselves apart  day by day and if you talk to the average person you hear such wonderfully annoying answers like “Well there’s nothing you can do about it,” or “I just don’t even listen anymore,” and my favorite “It is what it is.” What the fuck does that even mean? Of course it is what it is you fucking disgusting douchenozzle, everything IS what it IS. It’s nothing but a non answer which is exactly one of the many horrifying things this GREAT country we live in has produced. Yeah, when they make a time machine I wanna go back and off the guy that first said that as well, just on principle.

I could go on for days with the amount of things wrong with this country. From healthcare, the economy, education, to the way we pick our wars. All of it is fucked up in some large way. I’m not full of myself enough to think that anything will actually come of this rambling, or that anyone of import will even read it much less come to a giant epiphany and work the rest of their days trying to fix this fucked up broken merry go round. i am full of myself enough to believe wholeheartedly that I am correct in everything I just said and have believed this for well over a decade now. At this point in my life I just hope and pray that I’m around long enough to see it all come tumbling down or that I’m here when the meteor hits.

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