New characters

New characters

The other day I brought back a character that I introduced in book 1 but didn’t use at all in book 2. I’m not sure how I’m planning on using this person yet but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I also created three new characters yesterday while I was writing. They were needed addition since I’ve killed off a number of other characters over the course of two books. I have a better sense of what these characters are going to be doing but still not sure how it will all turn out.

I keep getting angry at myself for not having a more complete outline of this new book. I do have one I swear. It’s kind of vague and has such great headings as Middle, I’m not sure but there may not be anything written under middle… I’m bad at outlines. It seems that I’m also bad at pre planning my books. I’d like to be better at it, much better at it, but at this moment I just don’t seem to be. It doesn’t seem to slow me down much though. I mean it may not seem great compared to big name writers but a book a year for the last two years and another on the way maybe by years end, seems pretty kick ass to me. Maybe on those days when I get stuck I’ll pull out the outline and work on that instead… hmm that could be a good idea!

Then again do I really want to mess with what’s been working so far? I sat down the other day with absolutely no clue on what to write and came up with the three new characters and how they came to be. Maybe I’ll work on trying to combine a little more planning with a tad less┬áspontaneity.


have a great night all, back to work for me!


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