Miscellaneous rant

Miscellaneous rant

I’m torn today, on the one hand I was going to blog about how the third book is coming along. On the ¬†other, the protests and violence in the middle east has reached a fever pitch and looks to get worse before it gets better. As well as the fact that our own political election seems to be tearing the country apart, making me wonder if this will or how long before this leads to violence here as well.

I’ll rant about the latter first, now I could care less about the middle east. If they wanna blow themselves to bits being upset over their stupid little prophet then let them. I would also say this if it were Christians, Jews, or any other religious fanaticism. I do not think that we should be handing them barrels of money or putting our troops in harms way.
The thing I have a problem with is that I saw that the guy responsible for said movie is supposedly living in hiding because he fears for his life… Excuse me moron? You made a movie about mohammad being a pedophile and any other numerous things that people dislike. Now, I don’t care that you did it, nor do I care what said movie portrays. But you’re in hiding? Why, you knew what happens when people make fun of their prophet. Why in God’s name would you do it if you weren’t ready to stand up for your beliefs? One of two things would happen. Either they would bluster about wanting you dead and do nothing, or your doorbell rings one day and there’s an muslim with a special package strapped to his chest. One way or the other something important is proven, either we learn that they are no threat and begin ignoring them or we see how dangerous they really are and take care of the problem for good. Hmm not as short as I would have liked.
As for our own political clusterfuck just a prediction. The left and the right are so far away from the normal people in the middle that something horrible is going to happen sooner than later if we don’t try and fix things. The divide in this country is down right tangible at the moment and getting worse every day. Unfortunately, I don’t think the election is going to fix much.
Now on to nicer, more fun things. The third book is coming along nicely. I’m just about 100 pages into it and have come up with a few new characters that I think people may like as well as some interesting twist and turns for this one. I’m thinking about doing some character sketches for the main cast and posting them. I’ve also been trying to find some way to expand my advertising audience so I think I may be attending a con or two in the coming months. I would have loved to been able to go out to the first ever Apoca con out in long beach CA this year but alas, I don’t have the funds. I’m hoping it’s really¬†successful so that they have another next year. I’m also hoping they bring one out to the east coast as well.
That’s about all I got for the moment.
Hope everyone has a great night,
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