Book Trailer

Book Trailer

I did a Google search yesterday for the title of my books. It’s been mentioned to me before that I should do this every once in a while to see if someone is using your work for their own purposes. Until yesterday I never found anything out of the ordinary. I came across a blurb on my Google search that said After the Storm Book Trailer. I started to panic. I’ve never made a book trailer! For a very short time I thought the worst and figured I had been pirated. Come to find out I was wrong, in such a cool way.

When I got to youtube I saw that the girl who had made the book trailer had clearly stated that it was for a school project. I was NOT being pirated…in fact it seemed my book was to be someones book report, how cool is that? I watched it with rapt interest the first time, and again right afterwards with giddy enjoyment. It was one of the coolest feelings I’ve ever had to find out purely by accident that someone liked something you did enough to put that much care into a project. I may not have a movie yet and for all I know I may never have one, but I do have a book trailer made by someone beside myself. I now know how great a feeling this was I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to watch a movie made of my work. let’s hope someday I get to see what that feels like 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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