Action scenes

Action scenes

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this lately, but I LOVE writing action scenes. It brings me a certain type of joy and excitement that doesn’t show up in the everyday writing process, at least not in mine. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy writing dialogue and descriptive scenes as well, but there’s something very cool about writing an action scene that actually gets your blood pumping.

You get to get into your characters head in a different way. You see there best and worst traits come shining through when they’re under that kind of pressure. I’ve seen my characters make great¬†decisions and horrible ones. Right now I’m in the middle of an action scene for my third book in which there are war weary vets who have been in countless battles along with rookies who have never been stuck, alone trapped by hordes of people who want them dead. They’re finally getting their first respite and I have a feeling that when they have a bit of time to settle down and realize how big and bad the pile of shit they’ve stepped in is that some of them may not handle it very well.

I know they’re my characters and I should know what they’re going to do but I don’t, not always. I’m not gonna go all Stephen King and say that they just speak through me, that’s not it at all. I know my characters and when I toss something down on the screen and it doesn’t sound right to me I know it and then I feel compelled to fix it. I want my characters to be as realistic as I can make them. I’ve heard that There’s too much swearing from my characters and sometimes there is, usually during action scenes. The reason for that is simple. A lot more people swear and curse when they’re scared or stressed. to have them not do it just to please some readers would be untrue to myself, or my characters and that’s not gonna happen.

I think in the end  one of the major reasons I love writing action scenes is because I get to see what my characters are really made of for better or worse and that tends to be a lot of fun, especially when they surprise me.

Anyway, that’s all for now, back to work with me and enjoy your evening!


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