marketing and stuff

marketing and stuff

I was talking to a friend last night about the third book, writing and marketing. We both agreed that I should probably have a website sometime in the near future, I’m still not sure how this is going to help sales in the long run but it is a step in the right direction.

I’m still very shaky when it comes to marketing. I’m doing the normal twitter/Facebook stuff along with chatting with folks on goodreads and writing my blog, as you can tell. I’m just not sure where to go from here. I know as an indie author this is the hardest part, selling yourself. I have no qualms in doing in and used to believe that my ego would be fine with doing something like this. I quickly discovered that I find it distasteful. I feel bad trying to sell folks on the idea of buying my book. It’s almost embarrassing. I believe in my self and the books I write I just think that I tend to be a far more private person than I thought I was.

Self discovery is great and all but the fact is, that it’s hurtful to my business. I have to put aside my desire to stay quiet and get out there, climb up on the proverbial bar, take my shirt off and show everyone my tits… so to speak.

In other words I need to make a lot of noise and figure out how to network better. Being on the creative side of all this makes that challenge seem all the more daunting. Ah, to have enough sales to have my own PR guy. Now that’s a goal! I need to get out there and spend some time reading blogs and commenting as well as finding some folks to give my books reviews so they can put them up on their sites. I would also love to do an interview or a guest blog with some folks, but I haven’t figured out how to secure those yet.

All in all it seems I have some new homework for myself. Figuring out how to market myself better so that more people know who I am and look forward to reading my stuff. Once i can get them to read it I have a feeling they’ll stay. 🙂

I am excited about one marketing event so far though. I get to do my first convention in January. It’s a yearly sci fi con in Boston called Arisia. it usually has between 3000-5000 people attending and I get to throw a party that weekend to help promote my books. hopefully After the Storm the party will be a smash hit!


Okay, back to work with me. Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Aside from sci-fi cons, you should look into writers events/conventions as well as finding sample pieces to shop out to literary magazines. That will give you nationwide exposure if they are accepted. Most allow or ask for a wee bio and you can market the book that way.

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