Well, I was stuck until the other day when a good friend of mine let me bounce ideas off of him for a bit. Within ten minutes he had taken those ideas and helped me figure out which direction to go in the latest story. I’m not a fan of being stuck, as I’m sure no writer is. I never seem to get stuck on the big picture or during action scenes, and rarely do I have trouble with dialogue. I tend to get stuck on those in between scenes You know you finish off one scene and you know where you need to go next but it’s the bridge to that next section that I tend to get screwed up on. Sometimes it’s only for a couple hours, during the first two books though I would sometimes be stuck for a week or more before the proverbial light bulb would go off.

With the new book I have figured out that if I can talk to one of the couple people I bounce ideas off of that I get unstuck much easier than I used to. I don’t know if it’s me getting more experience or I learned to find someone to talk to earlier is all. either way it’s working and I like it. Let’s hope it lasts.

I would like to thank the folks that act as my sounding board. I’m pretty sure they’ll read this and know who they are.

Back to work with me. Enjoy your evenings!


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    • I know and I’m sorry, I do try and change it up after we talk. Sort of like the walking dead comic vs. the TV show. That way you may know some but not everything. Maybe I’ll write a zombie story sometime that takes place in your town just for you! Thanks again! 🙂

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