Guest blogs and interviews.

Guest blogs and interviews.

I’ll start today’s post by admitting that I have indeed been distracted for the last few days with a new video game. Call of Duty, black ops 2 has indeed captured my attention much to the displeasure of other members of my family. It’s very well done and addictive as all get out. That being said I still managed to get my work done today. I did NOT get my work done yesterday but one day off once in a while is okay I suppose.

Enough idle banter… As some of you know I’ve been working on marketing lately. I’ve got the writing part pretty well down pat  for now, marketing, not so much. I’ve been seeing a lot of other authors doing guest blogs and interviews. This sounds like a great idea for marketing but my problem is that I don’t really know a lot of other authors. I don’t have any idea what I would say in a guest blog, much less an interview, but I’m sure you all have figured that out already!

I was approached on Goodreads yesterday, by an author that I follow on twitter, asking if I wanted to join her guest blog/tagging tour. I read the pitch and by the end of it I have to say it sounded a lot like a pyramid scheme. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or illegal. In order to be a apart of this event an author asks you to tag them in your blog. They also ask four others to do the same. They also ask those five authors to get five other authors each to help spread the word as well. Now, pyramid scheme or not I was interested in getting some kind of exposure. Problem is, I don’t know five other authors that I could ask to join this little shindig. That and I’m always weary of asking others to do stuff for me. I know a lot of people who would think of it as an imposition. The last thing I’d want is to impose on someone I’ve just met and whom I’m trying to be nice to so that we can promote each other. In a way it seemed to be counter productive.

Anyway, best of luck to the blog-tag-party I hope it works out incredibly well and I will gladly share and mention it to anyone that will listen. i think in the end I’ll be better off having passed. It did show me though that I need to get to networking with other authors. Thankfully I have multiple groups on Facebook and dozens of authors on Twitter to get to know. Now if I can just be interesting and entertaining enough for them to want to get to know!

So if you’re an author, blogger or reviewer that are looking for a guest blog/interview and you want to pop someone’s cherry in this field feel free to drop me a note! Until then I’ll be doing my best to get to know some folks on the intranets  in the hopes that we can all try and promote each other.

Back to work with me and thanks all for reading. Have a great night!


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