I’ve come to the conclusion over this thanksgiving weekend that I may indeed have to go back into my current project and do a substantial amount of rewrites. There are some characters that don’t really have the place i wanted them for originally and the story isn’t really flowing the way I’d like it too. Don’t get me wrong it is still good, it just needs…tweaking.


Now, I know this is a normal thing with writing. Everyone revamps their first drafts and even second and third drafts sometime. I on the other hand will be dealing with this for the first time. Yep, it’s my third book and this will be the

first major redraft of my short career. Makes me think that I should go back and take a look at the other two once I’m finally done with this book. I may indeed do that, but not right now. I know I can make it work, that I’m not really worried about. The thing that is filling me with dread is the fact that I hope I don’t change all this stuff and then figure out that I was going in the right direction originally. It’s all a learning experience and I’m sure it’ll be fun either way. Even when I’m stuck and annoyed I still think it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

In the mean time I’ve fallen back on getting some marketing done and visiting with an old friend of mine, Illustration. I figured I should get to work on the cover since I’m stuck on the inside for the moment! This is just the initial sketch of book three but I like it so far.

pencils for book 3 cover.


Okay, back to work with me. Enjoy your night!


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