Book 3

Book 3

Looks like I’ll be wrapping up book three in a day or two. I shouldn’t have more than a chapter or so left to write. I enjoyed writing it¬†immensely¬†and I’m hoping that translates into a story that everyone will enjoy. I’m sure that won’t be the case since I learned long ago you can’t please everyone but I think it brings everything around nicely and closes off this chapter of the universe I’m trying to build.

After I’m done I’ll be letting a couple people I know take there hatchets to it and tear apart my grammar and story, in other words I have a couple of friends helping me with editing grammar and story. I’m guessing it should be available for purchase sometime mid January, which would be nice since I have the Arisia sci fi convention around the same time.

Not sure where I’m going once this one is finished but I figure I’ll take a week or so of downtime and give it a bit of thought.

Back to work with me. Enjoy your weekend!


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