Doomsday preppers!

Doomsday preppers!

I haven’t watched an episode of the Simpsons in at least a decade. I accidentally caught this weeks episode which just happened to be about Doomsday Preppers. I was most definitely amused. I didn’t however like the happy hippy feel good ending. I may not be a prepper, but I still think that any apocalyptic scenario would be much more violent and unpleasant than the Simpsons writers seem to think.

I’ve seen these tools called Crovels around lately on a couple different shows. I do think i want to pick one up sometime when I have a spare hundred bucks.

I also need to replace one of my Gerber knives, which got me looking at the rest of their knives… Oh I do so love me some nice knives and Gerber makes some of the best. Take a look at there site and feel free to let me know which one is your favorite!

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    • I’m hoping to get one for my birthday! I saw him on an invention show when they got him backing for the crovel. he did seem like a pretty decent guy. Thanks for checking in on the page!

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