Arisia 2013

Arisia 2013

I’ve had to put editing and rewrites on hold for a little bit in order to get ready for my appearance at the sci fi convention Arisia next week. I have to admit I am both excited and terrified about all this. I’ve been to this con many times over the years but it was always as part of a larger group. The only jobs I ever had with said group during these cons were to hump equipment, make drinks, and drink. None of that is all that complicated so I fared just fine. Now, I’m on my own and have to plan a whole party that doesn’t just involve drinking and other debaucherous¬†behavior.

So I will be spending the next few days trying to figure out food, drinks, activities, and things to talk about to complete strangers, instead of editing and rewriting my third book. I’ve always had a great time at Arisia and I’m hoping that this time will be no different than the others.

If you’d like more info or tickets to Arisia click the link.¬†

Let me just throw this in here for your amusement as well. I often here from people that have picked up my books that they think there’s too much swearing in them . I usually then find out that they’re NOT from Boston or the surrounding area. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today and I found it amusing. ¬†

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