It’s Saturday and I feel hungover.

It’s Saturday and I feel hungover.

I’m not hungover,I just feel that way. At least, I think I do. I’ve never actually had a full blown hangover like you see in the movies. I’m not sure why I haven’t either, lord knows, I’ve drank enough in my day. Over the years, I’ve attributed it to a few different reasons, my being Irish and Scottish so I can just hold my liquor better. I’ve also said it’s because I never go to bed drunk, and I’ve said it’s because I drink water before I go to bed after a bender. Any and all of these things could be the reason. It may also be because I am just better than everyone and thusly don’t suffer from such petty things like hangovers. Then again, it could also be that I always feel like crap so I don’t notice whether I’m hungover or not. ah well, on to bigger and better things.

I watched a movie called Children of Men the other day. I had never heard of the movie starring Clive Owen, Julieanne Moore and Michael Caine, but I saw right from the opening scene that it looked post apocalyptic so it grabbed my attention. It’s set in 2027 in Britain and has a post apocalyptic factor that I hadn’t though or heard of before. For the past 18 years no one on the planet has been able to have children. from what I could glean of the back story, females slowly went infertile over time until there were none left that could have babies. I don’t know how many other folks had come up with this PA scenario but I thought it was a really original concept. Not sure how believable or plausible it is, but I guess it’s probably more believable than a zombie takeover… nothing against zombie takeovers. Here’s the trailer link, check it out!

On a completely separate note, I watched an episode of Doomsday Preppers the other day and saw one set on a guy from the town next to me. For any of you that may have seen the guy from Somerville, MA and thought that he was a bit…odd, please know that I agree with you completely and he is in NO way a good representation of someone from this area. Just like the show Southie Rules, he made me embarrassed to be from Massachusetts.

Okay, back to work with me, Have a great weekend all!


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