Too Much Caffeine

Too Much Caffeine

As the title suggests, I think I had too much caffeine yesterday. As a result, I committed quite a few wanton acts of douchebaggery, mostly in the name of good fun. Although, there was one comment I made, that was not done in the name of self amusement but instead in the name of defending something I believe in.

It seems that one of my favorite sites, Goodreads, has been sold to Amazon. Now, I myself don’t really care about this much unless the quality of the site is negatively affected by it. I had seen people saying they were concerned or wary of the whole thing and I can understand that entirely. While visiting Goodreads yesterday I clicked on a link that brought me to an announcement from the founders of Goodreads about the sale. In this statement they told everyone how happy and excited they were about the merger and how they were not leaving the site and that they weren’t going to be changing things and even asked the people that use Goodreads to give them any suggestions for improvements that they might want to see on the site, now that they had a backer with deep pockets.

I scrolled down to see the comments and found out that there were over 1400 made at that point, not a good sign. I should have just stopped there, because I knew how things were going to turn out. In my over caffeinated state though I was not smart enough to just turn away then. What I saw on the first page alone was, in my opinion, mean. I was looking for a better word there, but mean just seems to fit it perfectly. There were a couple people that were congratulatory and some were wary, but expressed well wishes also. Most though were just all out venomous. Calling this poor couples “sell outs” and swearing to delete their accounts and to tell all their friends to as well. At the end of the first page I skipped to the very end of the thread, to see if it got any better… It didn’t. As a matter of fact, on the last page I saw someone trying to start either a petition or law suit saying that the people who owned the site couldn’t do such a horrible thing because it was now a community and they hadn’t asked the community’s permission. Seriously? Some of these comments just annoyed me, but that one and a few others outright made me angry.

I don’t know the couple that started the Goodreads site and will probably never meet them. I do know that they created a very nice page for people who like to read, review and discuss books. I’ve met a bunch of very nice people there so far and feel a loyalty to the page and the community. So, me being me, I had to say something. Especially since I was working on three large coffee’s and a black tea at the time. I believe my initial statement went something along the lines of… “I’ve only looked at two pages of comments so far and the amount of douchery I’ve already seen is extraordinary!”… Could I have worded that better, probably, but what fun would that have been?

Now again, this has nothing to do with¬†whether I like and support Amazon or not ( I do, but that’s not the point) The point is that I support the people who founded Goodreads. My comments, after my initial statement, were along the lines of , They said they’re not leaving and that they will still be running the site. So my question was, why is everyone running away screaming like they’re on fire when, so far, the people who you’ve trusted all this time, say that nothing will change? You’ve trusted them the last few years and have given you a wonderful place to hang out and talk about books. I just can’t seem to grasp why none of these people will give this poor couple a chance? They haven’t betrayed anyone’s trust yet so why run off? I just don’t get it. I mean, I get not liking Amazon, but would it really have killed any of these jackasses to stick around for a while and see if anything bad actually happens? The answer is, no it wouldn’t, they certainly acted like it would in there overzealous, self righteous pretentious anger, but in reality it would not have.

So yeah, in the end I got made out to be the bad guy by a bunch of douchebags who just kept trying to cram down my throat how horrible Amazon for their practices and policies ( one of my favorites was the fact that Amazon doesn’t pay their taxes in the UK, I like the UK and all, but why in fuck’s name would I care if they did or did not pay their taxes in the UK? I’m sure Amazon has a team of lawyers to find legal ways for them to be able to get away with that, so more fucking power to them, hell I don’t wanna pay taxes here for fucks sake.) … Not one of them replied to my actual comment of why are you not trusting the people who started this site, since they claim to be staying and not changing anything. The reason why they didn’t reply to that? Cuz they fucking can’t. They heard the name Amazon and did the same thing they did when they were the bookish little nerd in school that got picked on. You wet yourself. God forbid anyone of them stand behind the people that have worked all these years to give you your cool little hide out from reality. Nope, just run off before the Amazon bully makes eye contact and pulls your undies up over your head, cowards.

In conclusion, I have no idea if Goodreads merging with Amazon will be a good thing or not. I do know that I am happy for the seemingly nice couple that hopefully made a lot of money from the merger and wish them well either way. I do know that I will be sticking around Goodreads to find out how it all goes. If Amazon turns it into another Shelfari then I will be sad at the turn of events and move onto to something else, but I won’t just up and desert something that I’ve enjoyed all this time before finding out what happens. To me that’s just stupid and disloyal, two things that I try not to be.

Have a great weekend, a happy Easter, or happy zombie Jesus day, which ever you celebrate!


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  1. That is usually the type of reaction whenever a site gets bought by another bigger one. I personally don’t think Amazon will mess it up much if at all. I know when they bought Audible I have seen nothing but improvement to Audible.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like everything Amazon does but I do like most of what they do. I won’t get into how what they have done to Android on their devices.

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