Rainy Friday

Rainy Friday

It’s been an exciting week for me so far. I released book 3 on the 5th of April and after a decent start it took off and flew up the Amazon rankings to something absurd like 1196 on their charts. That may not seem too high for some of you out there but remember, Amazon has something like 3 million plus books in their rankings, so I’m pretty damn happy about that number.  Book 1 went right along with it as well as book 2. It didn’t make me an overnight millionaire or anything but it made for a very exciting 48 hours. 🙂

I also had my first interview ever show up as well, you can find that here, http://www.indieauthorland.com/2013/03/30/interview-with-don-chase-author-of-after-the-storm/#

In reading it I think I’ll do better on my next interview… if there ever is one, but it’s still a pretty cool thing to see. The great people at that site also voted my book into their top ten of books to read that week which was also very nice to see.

I also found out that one of my best friends ever, more of a sister than a friend at this point, has moved back into town after living an hour and a half away for the last decade or so. This was one of the big things that made my week fantastic. It’ll be nice to have her around to annoy. It’s a bit tough to harass someone when they live over an hour away. 🙂

Anyway, I just figured I’d share my good week with everyone. If the next few weeks are even half as fun as last week then I think I’ll have a great spring! Right now I have a very clingy puppy who is curled up next to the laptop asleep and a nice fresh cup of coffee, so I think I’ll crank some tunes in my headphones and try and get some real work done. Have a great weekend all!


P.S. here’s a link to book 3 since I haven’t gotten around to putting it up here on the site yet!


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  1. Just finished all 3 books in the After the Storm series. What a great story. But what did you mean by maybe not continuing the series? You can’t leave me and lots of others hanging like that with Mack in limbo. Closure is what fans want if a story is to end. Your series really tugged at my heart and just forget about my nerves (will send you the doctor bill for high blood pressure). Great charactures and all of them can’t be gone. I cried for Lilly, I loves animals and have a dog of my own. Well PLEASE don’t stop this series, I will go give my reviews on Amazon now.

    • Thank you so much for your praise! Your reviews are wonderful, so thank you for them as well. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the books, I am sorry about the high blood pressure though. 🙂
      Unfortunately, this story is at an end. There will be more of Mack and we will find out the fate of the others, it will just be in another series is all. I am taking a break from this little world to visit another one for a bit, but I will definitely come back to Mack and his adventures. I hope you’ll give my next set of stories a chance as well. I’m only in the beginning of writing my next book, but I already like how it’s turning out, so I’m hoping it’ll be just as much fun. Thanks again for your feedback and support!

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