Oh what a strange week it’s been

Oh what a strange week it’s been

I could almost start this post with “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.” but I won’t. It’s been a very strange week though this much is true. First off for any that know me, or have read my bio, I live right outside Boston. So starting one week ago today, at around this time, I was glued to my TV, laptop and phone for almost the next 24 hours, trying to get information and find out if my friends and family were okay as well as let everyone else know that I too was okay.

Wednesday and Thursday I spent trying to recover and process all of that information as well as move forward and come back to a sense of normalcy. This was helped by having some great weather, some good news and surpassing all my sales expectations ever for my books in one month! All of this along with my first fan letter (email) made for a pretty great 36 hours or so, especially after such a horrific 36 hours prior.

Then the shooting and the bombs started again. I live 5.4 miles from where they found him in the boat. Not so very close for someone in this area but still far too close for my liking. I was awake to hear the news about the officer at MIT and started following the coverage one the gunfight started and the grenade began to be flung. Once again, I got an nap of 2-3 hours while I followed coverage and tried to figure out what the fuck was happening in my own backyard.

Needless to say, like many in this area, once he was captured the following day and the lock down was lifted, I was very tired, both mentally and physically. I ended up sleeping most of Sunday just to try and catch up and actually unwind from a week unlike most I’ve had. I have to say though, it did end on an up note. The bad guy was captured, my sales continued to exceed my expectations and I also received several more 4-5 star reviews for my books! On the downside with everything that has been going on I haven’t gotten a single word written for my new story. I am just now starting to get back on track and hopefully, with a bit of luck will spend this week catching up.

I was originally going to go on a rant about everything that happened and the things that annoyed me as well as the things that impressed me. I decided against it because, to be quite honest, most of it’s been said and I just want to move on to bigger and better things. In my opinion the only way these people win is when we live in fear and they get the publicity they are looking for. So, I’d rather not let them win. I’m glad he’s caught. I’m glad there weren’t more people hurt or killed. I hope they find out what they want to find out from him and then I hope he fries. I would have preferred they let him loose and let us have our way with him, because that is what should truly happen to someone who fucks with Boston. Unfortunately, they won’t let us have that kind of fun.

Anyway, back to work with me, finally!


It’s cheesy, but I agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiment.

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