Summer is here and along with it, all the wonderful warm weather distractions, BBQ’s, vacations, being outside, parties, weddings, girls in sundresses and yoga pants. You know all the normal stuff… Sorry, lost my train of thought there for a minute. Got distracted by the sundress and yoga pants comment. As i was saying, all of these things make it more difficult to stay buckled down and get my daily writing done. I am working hard at it though. I’m at just about 20k words into my new sci fi story and it’s shaping up pretty well so far.

I do need a name for this new story though. I’m hoping one comes to me, but please feel free to leave me a note if any of you happen to think of something that might make a cool sci fi title.

There seems to be some movies coming out that should be distracting me more than they are. After Earth is right up my normal alley, but for some reason I don’t seem to care about it at all. It may have something to do with the fact that Will Smith just bought another movie for his son to be in, but I’m not sure.

I do want to see the purge petty badly though and may have to make that a priority soon. I’m not a huge Ethan Hawke fan, but the movie still looks pretty kick ass. I love the story idea too.

Oh yeah and I can’t wait to see This is the end. That looks like it could be a new addition to one of my all time favorites!

I’ve also been distracted because my first ever TV interview is coming up on June 26th and that brings with it it’s own SPECIAL kind of distraction. I am getting excited about it though. I’ve also never been to Virginia before so that should be cool.

I’m also always looking for more reviews on the After the Storm series, so if you liked or loved it please feel free to post a review on Amazon. If you didn’t like it or hated it please feel free to drop me a note here I would love to hear why you didn’t like it, so I can try and get better the next time!

All in all it’s looking to be a fun summer. I’m going to wrap things up now and get ready to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones!


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