Welcome to the show!

Welcome to the show!

Things have been good… now if I could just keep them going that way that’d be great!

It’s been an interesting and pretty kick ass couple of weeks. The new sci fi book is coming along nicely. The last few days the story as been positively spilling out of my noggin, which is a nice change. I’m well over 100 pages and 25,000 words. Next stop 40k +!  Here’s a snippet from the yet untitled sci fi book (I’m thinking something like Dark Cycles, but I’m not sure yet.)

Castilon had watched the marines go into the dilapidated building to extract Annata. He had also seen the battle between them and Tasar’s men before the marines drove off with the princess. Cas had been on the roof of one of the nearby buildings. He was on his way to meet up with his brother and Annata before all the action started.

He made his way down the fire escape stairs as the troops loaded into their vehicle and gave chase to the marines. One of the soldiers had stayed behind. He had a shoulder fired rocket launcher. He slid the long tube up onto his shoulder and flipped the sight open and peered through the scope. He waited until he heard the buzz which meant he had locked onto the marine’s fast track, unaware of the older man striding toward him from the dark alley.

Cas waited until the last possible moment before lunging at the young soldier. In the split second between the pull of the trigger and the ignition of the rocket, he buried a wicked looking blade up under the soldier’s protective body armor and deep into the flesh below his rib cage. The younger man howled and jerked as the rocket left the tube, causing it to fly down the street and harmlessly hit the wall near the fast track, but missing it completely. The soldier spun while flailing at the knife buried in his side. Cas pulled his ancient blade free and swept it across the surprised soldier’s throat in one quick motion. Without looking back to check his work Cas strode back into the alley. The young soldier dropped to his knees, his hands clutching his throat, desperately trying to hold it together as he choked, turned blue and toppled over into a pool of his own blood. 

I also got to take an excellent road trip from Boston to Richmond Virginia. I had never been south of Philadelphia before so i was really excited about this. My one regret is that i didn’t get to eat at a waffle house. I hear they’re awesome. They really should have them further north, I’m sure they could make millions up here.

I went to Virginia because an awesome friend of mine has an awesome friend of his that works for a local CBS affiliate down in Richmond. This great guy, Greg McQuade was nice enough to interview me about my third book on his morning show Virginia This Morning. Here’s a link to the interview.  http://wtvr.com/2013/06/26/virginia-this-morning-author-don-chase/

So I’ve been pretty productive lately, which is a great feeling. Been getting a lot of writing done, been on TV for the first time, seen parts of the country that I had never been to before and had real southern grits and fatback. I’ll admit though I coulda done without the fatback. Sorry to all you fatback fans out there but it’s just not my thing. All in all it’s been a fun ride and I hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon. I’m gonna go get some more work done now hopefully.

Enjoy your day all!


P.S. if anyone else wants to interview me I’d be more than happy to come on your show, thats right, I’m lookin’ at you Craig Ferguson!

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