It’s Friday! (not that it really excites me)

It’s Friday! (not that it really excites me)

I was trying to think of things to write about here a little earlier. I found I was having a problem figuring out which way to go. I could go the normal way and give updates on how the new book is going and what movie stuff I’ve seen or heard about that interested me. From what I’ve heard all the Summer movies have sucked so far I do still want to see the Wolverine though even if I do have a feeling it’s going to be a trainwreck. Now granted, I am moving along on the book and I really need to catch up on cranking out some more story today but all in all it is going ok. I do need a damn title still so if you have one for a story that follows the adventures of some soldiers on a ship called the Antilles let me know okay? Good, thanks.

Or I could go personal and let you know how things have been going and all the really cool and awesome stuff that’s been going on in my daily life (Not really, it’s actually been pretty boring except for a bit of drama here and there). I am hoping to get away for a couple days in a week or so though which will be nice if I can pull it off. I know it sounds odd that a guy that get’s to work in his PJ’s might need a small vacation but trust me, I do.

The other direction I was thinking about was the RANT! We all know what this one looks like. Something sets me off that is just the greatest injustice to world at large at the time and I go off for a bit about it or against it. The problem was that I couldn’t really figure out what to go off about. I mean there’s the Zimmerman thing which I think is a tragedy indeed. I think that the prick, in no way, should be carrying a gun around or following people. I’m pretty sure he’s a fucking idiot with a chip on his shoulder and should have gotten his ass beat. The problem is that I also am convinced that he didn’t technically break the law and I’m a big fan of technicalities. So I guess I’ll just have to be happy knowing that he will hopefully have to live the rest of his days in hiding and looking over his shoulder, which to be honest, is a pretty kick ass punishment in my opinion.

I could also go off on the governmental rant and how screwed up everything is and how shit needs some serious steps to fix any of those issues, but again everyone knows that and yet no one ever does anything about it so why fucking bother. Instead I’ll just sit here and calmly wish, like I always do, for my meteor to finally get here and put things right.

I suppose I could also go off on a couple of the reviews I’ve gotten that have annoyed me. Like the one who said that I obviously know nothing about military tactics and how my characters weren’t actually fighting for freedom but that they were acting like feudal dukes and how awful it was that they would dare not want the government to tell them what to do.

When I read this it originally pissed me off because I have never once claimed to be in the military or that I know a damn thing about tactics either. I also make it clear in the book that neither does Mack. So I was annoyed and confused as to why this idiot would complain about it. I also was wondering why he didn’t seem to get that the military wasn’t using there exalted tactics and equipment when I clearly state that they were the military was now filled with the dregs and rejects of what was left of society because all the decent soldiers died 5+ years ago.

I could’ve spent this whole time tearing apart his stupid arguments but then I realized, “Oh yeah, it’s a work of FICTION. A story told purely for people to enjoy, so if he didn’t then I guess that’s his problem and not really mine.

Anyway, I guess I’ll go ponder which of these things I should pick to write about today in my update. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back when I figure out which I should do. 😉




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