Scenes I should have put in book 1

Scenes I should have put in book 1

I’ve¬†decided I’d let Mack answer some small annoyances I come across every now and again, with a couple scenes that I guess I should have put in book one. This is the first one. if I have enough fun with it I may start doing more every couple of days. I’ve been kind of missing the boys lately.

I saw Teddy sitting at the counter in the armory as I walked in. He had some type of hardware taken apart and was cleaning it. “Heya Mack,” he said without even looking up at me.

“Hey Teddy, what ya workin’ on?” I asked, leaning against the counter to watch him work.

“Just cleaning some of these guns, don’t want them to jam up at a bad time,” he answered.

“I see you’re working on the M16’s.”

“Actually sir this is a M4A1.”

“Oh, okay it LOOKS like an M16.”

“It is, essentially. It’s a¬†shortened derivative of the M16A2,” he said with a grin.

I scratched the back of my neck and thought for a moment. “So if its a derivative of the M16A2 wouldn’t that mean it would be also a derivative of the old M16A1?” I asked.

“Hmm yeah, I suppose so,”

“Does it use the same ammo and clips?”

“They do use the standard NATO round, but it’s magazine’s Mack, not clips.”

“There’s a difference?”

“There is. It’s not a huge deal but my shooting instructor used to get pissed back in the day if anyone called it a clip, because it’s TECHNICALLY wrong.”

“Hey Ted?

“Yeah Mack?”

“If I told you to give me a clip during a firefight would you know what I meant?”

“Yeah, anyone would.”

“Then shut up okay?” I asked with a smirk.

“Point taken,” Teddy agreed.

I turned and walked over toward the door leading back into the hallway. I had other things to check on and could easily have gotten lost watching Teddy clean guns all day. “Oh, one last thing. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck, is it a duck?”


“So this M4A1 looks like an M16, uses the same rounds as an M16, is a derivative of an M16A2. So, it would be safe to say that if someone who was never in the military and never spent a lot of time around guns until after the world ended, like myself, looked at this and said, ‘Oh hey that’s an M16,’ that would be understandable, correct?”

“Hmm yep, I guess it would,” Teddy answered, scratching his chin.

“You’d understand why said person would make the comparison though, and it wouldn’t hurt the feelings of the poor misunderstood M4A1 would it?” I asked with a grin from the doorway.

Teddy laughed, “Yes Mack, I would know what they meant and I think the poor M4A1 would be plenty tough enough to not have it’s feelings hurt,” he said grinning.

“Hmm good to know. I’ll talk to you later on Teddy, have fun cleaning the M16’s. Oh and don’t forget to load some spare clips, ya never know when we might need them,” I said as I walked out of the armory. I could hear Teddy still laughing by the time I got to the end of the hall.


Okay now that I’ve had some fun it’s time to do some actual work. have a great weekend all!


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