The Antilles

The Antilles

I think I’ve decided that I’m going to use The Antilles as the working title for my new sci fi story. It’s the name of the warship in the book and most of the action/ story so far takes place on or around it. I’ll probably have a secondary title since it will be the first book in the series. That one I don’t know yet but I haven’t even thought about yet either.

I’m just happy that I’ve gotten past 40,000 words. Granted, I have a bunch left to do but it’s getting there. The action has picked back up in the story and it’s fun to write again!

I’m hoping to get the first draft done by the end of September and have it up for sale by the end of the year (definitely in time for Arisia 2014!) That way I can get to work on the next After the Storm book, which I’m really anxious to get back to. It seems I miss my first creations a lot. Hopefully I’ll miss these new characters as much, by the time I’m done with the three or four sci fi books as well.

Back to work with me, enjoy your weekend!


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