A whole new world

A whole new world

It’s been just about three weeks since I gave up smoking and let me tell you, it’s been one hell of a trip. I haven’t been nicotine free but I’m working on it. I knew the patch or the gum wouldn’t work for me so I decided to try E cigarettes. They’re tasty and I don’t have nic fits or eat more or fidget, much. I think the fidgeting is from all the extra energy I’ve been having because I’m starting to feel better.

Which leads me to the next big change that’s been happening lately. I’ve been eating a lot healthier and keeping much better track of it as well. I’m down ten pounds and because my lungs are working better I’ve actually started working out. I’m not young anymore. I’m also not really afraid of my own mortality, to be honest I just wanted to feel better and the way I was going everything hurt all the time and it was just getting worse. Because of all of this stuff I’m also sleeping better which is in turn making me feel better. All in all it’s been pretty cool. As funny as this may sound one of the reasons this all started was that I remembered something from Interview with a vampire about staying the same for eternity as you were when you got turned and I said to myself “Oh shit! If I got offered immortality today by a vampire I’d need at least a year to get into shape… I should fix this.” Yep I actually said that to myself.

I do occasionally slip and have a smoke when one is offered to me. usually just to see if I still want them. So far I don’t. I also have stuff to eat that I probably shouldn’t have but I have a set number of calories I can eat a day and so far I’ve stayed under that number every day so I can’t really complain. Oh and last night i didn’t do my work out but hey that’s okay since I can do double today or just not worry about it. I’m on the right track and it’s okay to slip now and again.

I’ve also broken 50 thousand words on the new sci fi book and it should be wrapping up sometime soon, maybe another 20-30 thousand words then I just have to get that out there so I can start working on the fourth After the Storm book which will actually be book one in the second series.

I keep trying to remember to get in here and update my site more but as you can see I’ve been a little wrapped up in all kinds of fun stuff. Oh yeah and now it’s football season too!

Back to work with me, have a great weekend!



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