Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

When I was a kid I LOVED Halloween, everyone did. How could you not? When I was a kid there was a bit more freedom. We could go out and wander around our neighborhood filling pillowcases with candy. Then when we were done we would drop off the candy, grab another pillowcase and head out to another neighborhood. I don’t know about anyone else but in my neighborhood we would do ┬áthis over and over until our little legs could carry us no longer.

During high school and college there was always a Halloween gathering of some kind, whether it was outside in the cold drinking and spraying each other with shaving cream or it was inside at someones college apartment with again all kinds of drinks and lovely ladies in all the wrong but oh so right kind of costumes. Again, how could one not love this holiday?

As I got older still, I ended up in a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast for over a decade. Now those Halloweens were pretty insane. We almost always had at least one show, if not two on actual Halloween night. More often than not we would b performing at a college on Halloween. So I was working and we always tried to do a really good show when we were at a college because we always wanted to be asked back the next year.

The best part about those shows was that we were usually put up in a hotel either on or near campus for the night. So we would go do our show/shows and kick ass and then there was the party that would normally last until sunrise, where we would invite as many coeds as we could get a hold of… most of those stories I really shouldn’t elaborate on but needless to say they were some of my best Halloween memories ever!

Now that I’m not involved in a Rocky cast and don’t go trick or treating the holiday seems to be shrinking in importance. I have been noticing as I age that the other major holidays seem to be doing the same thing. The problem is that I REALLY loved Halloween. The others I never cared much for but Halloween , I don’t want Halloween to go away. I sit here writing this and I’m noticing that all week I’ve been in a mood and I think now it’s because I’m upset because I don’t have any reason to care about Halloween. I think I need to try and fix that next year some how.

Anyway for those of you that still get massive amounts of joy out of the best holiday we have, go, go and have a great night, have lots of candy or drinks or whatever you’re doing and have a great night I will be here thinking back on all my favorite Halloween nights!

On a completely different note, please pick up STRAND, my first Sci Fi novel when it comes out tomorrow on Amazon! You can get it on the kindle or in paperback version. I’d love to hear from some folks on their thoughts after they read it!

Back to work with me. Enjoy the night!


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