an excerpt from the new stuff

an excerpt from the new stuff

I don’t do this often, actually I don’t think I’ve ever done this. Gonna throw out the first few pages of the new story I’m working on for your perusal. Feel free to let me know what you think and enjoy! Oh and it’s unedited so no nitpicking.




“SON OF A BITCH!” Drake screamed as he slammed his fists on the steering wheel of the Monte. The engine made a wretched spluttering noise and smoke gushed out from beneath the hood of the old car as he shoved the wheel over trying to coast to the side of the road.

“What the hell happened?” Mack asked trying to see out front windshield around the smoke.

“What the fuck do you think happened? You broke my baby again that’s what happened?” Drake said as he slammed the car into park and it lurched to a sudden stop. Growling he popped the hood and slammed the heavy steel door as he walked around to the front.

“How is any of this my fault? I wasn’t even driving,” Mack protested as he got out and met Drake around front. He watched as the younger man fiddled with the latch and lifted the heavy hood and locked it into place.

“It’s your fault because you took such shitty care of it for the last year and a half that’s why,” Drake growled as he tried to fan away some of the smoke and steam to try and assess the situation better.

“I took great care of her,” Mack grumbled as he folded his arms across his chest. Looking around, he saw that they were in, what was once, a densely forested area. Now it was just dead wood that happened to be standing upright. The clouds were thick over head as they usually were but they didn’t look threatening in any way. He noticed it was cold but it was still early enough in the day that it was easily bearable with the old Carhart jacket that he was wearing. His attention came back to his old friend when he heard him growl low in his throat.

“Jesus Christ on a Popsicle stick, did you do any maintenance at all to her while you had her?” Drake asked as he looked up at Mack.

“Well it wasn’t like I drove it much,” Mack shrugged.

“You still need to check shit out and make sure every things okay you jackass,” Drake said.

“Why what’s wrong?” Mack asked.

“Well beside the fact that there’s only half the oil that there’s supposed to be in here I think we threw a rod but I can’t be sure,” Drake said.

“That’s not going to be easily fixable,” Mack said.

“It’s not fixable out here at all and I seem to have left my AAA card at home,” Drake said as he pulled out the support and let the hood crash down to close.

“So what do we do now?” Mack asked as he followed Drake around to the driver’s side where he reached in and pulled a latch. Mack heard the pop as the trunk unlocked.

“It looks like we walk,” Drake said with a glare as he moved around to the back of the still smoking car.

“That’s it? You’re just giving up?” Mack asked.

“God I really do want to kill you some days,” Drake said shaking his head.

“You already tried that,” Mack said sounding glib.

“Shut up,” Drake said as he pulled the trunk open. Inside the trunk of the old Monte Carlo SS was where they had always kept their stash of weapons along with some other equipment and any other odds and ends they thought they might need. Drake smiled a little as he saw all of them there now neatly sitting in their usual spots. He reached in, unwrapped a small blanket and grabbed one of the two AK-47’s that was inside it. He shoved it toward Mack who took it and slung it quickly over his shoulder. Drake grabbed the second and did the same. Rummaging around in the trunk he grabbed a small backpack and stuffed as many spare magazines into as he could find along with some pistol ammo as well. Both men carried the same types of pistols and always had so that they could grab a spare magazine off of the other if they had to.

Setting the small backpack on the ground he pulled a second, larger one out and handed it to Mack. “Will you do something useful please and go put as much food in here as you can. Oh and try not to break anything while you do it,” he said as he closed the trunk.

Mack mumbled under his breath and walked to the passenger side door. Swinging it open, he slid the seat forward and started stuffing canned goods into the old backpack. Once it was full he put a few cans in the pockets of his jacket as well. Food wasn’t easy to come by these days so he was going to carry as much as he could.

Drake had climbed back into the driver’s seat and pulled the keys out of the ignition and shoved them into his pocket. After that he opened up the glove compartment and pulled out a stack of badly folded maps and shoved them into the inside pocket of his long wool jacket. Looking around the cabin of the old car he sat for a moment to see if he needed anything else. After a short time he snapped his fingers and flipped up the plastic cover in between the two seats. Reaching in, he pulled out an old manual can opener and a box of wooden light anywhere matches that he kept in case of emergencies. He added them to the small backpack and nodded as he got out, satisfied that he had taken as much useful equipment as he could find.

He kicked the front tire as he rounded the old black car and grumbled as Mack met him in front of the hood. “You get it all in there?” he asked.

“I got most of it yeah,” Mack said as he cinched the straps tight to hold the backpack firmly in place on his back.

“Good thing it’s still early in the day. We may actually find a place inside to spend the night,” Drake said as he started to walk away from the smoldering car.

They walked along quietly for a time. There was no need for them to speak much now. Everything they had needed to talk about had been discussed days before when Drake showed up at Mack’s house in upstate Pennsylvania. Mack shook his head as he thought about everything that had changed in the last forty eight hours. Hell he had thought Drake was just another nightmare when he had first heard his voice…

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