So long 2014, you weren’t half bad

So long 2014, you weren’t half bad

Although not as productive as I would have liked to been 2014 was a pretty ok year compared to some other’s I’ve been through. I got to visit a new country and go on my second cruise. I got a new office that I love dearly. I reconnected with some wonderful old friends and made some new ones as well! Also got my first panel at a sci fi convention and quit smoking… mostly. Most importantly aside from some minor things here and there everyone I care about is healthy and safe, as far as I know (knock on wood). There were also some other minor highlights that don’t really need to be mentioned but all in all I can’t complain much about 2014.

With all of that awesome in one year you’d think I’d be in a pretty kick ass mood, but for some reason I’m not. Not sure what it is but as I sit here writing this I just want to curl up in a dark corner and sulk. I’m not going to do any such thing, but I want to. I despise days like this when I hate myself and everything around me, they happen far too often for my liking. But just like every other time it happens, I’m just going to push through. It’s pretty much all I can do. Giving in to the misery isn’t an option. My conscious brain knows there’s no reason for it, but the feeling just nags away at me hour after hour. Eventually, something will come along and set things right, it could be something as simple as a nap.

Please don’t take this as whining or looking for sympathy, it’s neither of those things. I told someone I’d try and write more interesting stuff here when I update and it seemed like a good topic since it is deeply stuck in my head at the moment. I’m also hoping that getting out of me head and written down helps to exorcise this annoying little demon in my head.

In the meantime I’ll get back to working on finishing up the new book and see if I can’t get some prime snuggling time with the pup before the new year gets rung in. That always seems to help to, she makes everything better. I’m looking forward to 2015 being even better than 2014 and hopefully a lot more productive!

Have a wonderfully happy and safe new years all and I’ll see you in 2015!


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