Arisia 2015

Arisia 2015

Arisia, for those of you who may not know, is a sci-fi convention held annually in Boston. Why they decide to hold it in January is beyond me but that’s what they do. I have been attending this convention for probably 15-17 years. I don’t actually remember the first one I went to and I missed a few over the last few years. The rocky horror group I was part of worked this convention every year and I got a free pass and half of the time they used to comp us rooms for the whole weekend. Now the reason I don’t remember exactly how many I’ve attended with this group is because, well to be quite honest, I was very very drunk for most of it.

Let me state for the record that I do NOT have a drinking problem. I don’t do it often at all and even when I do it’s never been difficult to stop for long periods of time. These events were like mini vacations for me. I never had any money to really go anywhere and in return for a little bit of tech and roadie work I would end up for three days in a luxury hotel in downtown Boston surrounded by drunken girls in skimpy costumes… It truly was my dream vacation. Anyway, because of the party like attitude that always went along with Arisia back in the day I would end up mixing drinks for fellow cast members and having to sample each to make sure they tasted ok (wouldn’t want to send out a bad drink) as well as the few of my own that I would make and I would soon end up finding myself drunkenly wandering the halls of the hotels, alone or with whoever happened to be my partner in crime at the time, looking for someone to get into trouble with. Oh, being part of the cast that was performing that weekend never hurt either.

This weekend I will be attending one day of Arisia as a panel member for a self publishing panel which I am currently working on notes for so that I remember what to talk about. I do enjoy the idea of making an appearance at the convention under my own power as a so called expert in he field but I do have to admit I think I’d prefer spending the three days partying and going home trying to remember the name of the girl I woke up next to. This is much more work even if it does feel a bit more rewarding. I’d say a lot more rewarding but I want to cover my bases in case I screw this up royally.

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