Justice and injustice

Justice and injustice

So it’s been an interesting week up here in New England. The Boston Marathon bomber got sentenced and whether you’re for or against the death penalty he got justice served to him. Myself, I’m a fan of it and am glad he got it. Unfortunately, it means he ll be sitting on death rowfor the next twenty years or so going through all his various appeals. That part of it I’m not a fan of. In my opinion if you’re sentenced to death by a jury of your peers that should pretty much be the end of it right there.

I really didn’t think he’d get it considering what my beloved state has turned into over the last couple of decades but for once I was pleasantly surprised. To me the only thing that may have been more satisfying is if they let him out and let the public deal with him personally. Then again I KNEW that wasn’t going to happen. Either way he’ll eat up some tax payer money for his comfy cell, hopefully his appeals won’t grind the wheels to a halt for too long. I’d like to live long enough to see the end of him.

On the other side of things, and not nearly as important as the marathon bomber getting what he deserves, we have the heavy handed punishment of the NFL in the silly deflategate story involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I’m sure there’s lots of people that think that Brady should be not only suspended, but for the whole season and have all his titles stripped from him for this MINOR infraction. The amount of hate this man and the team as a whole gets from the rest of the country is amazing. I get not liking a team because they’re successful (I still hate the Yankees) but being happy about a team getting such a heavy penalty for such a paltry offense seems a bit much. I didn’t blame the whole team when we found out that A-Rod used PEDs. I didn’t even think he should be stripped of any titles. Just hang your head in shame, take your fine and retire while trying to hold onto some dignity. And that was for someone caught in a major offense not some piddly ass thing like letting air out of a ball and possibly knowing or not knowing about it.

I may have thought differently about it if we hadn’t completely trampled the colts in the second half of the game with a fully inflated ball but we did, utterly. So to say that it was for some kind of advantage just seems to be a bit of a stretch to me. Plus there are too many other factors that just don’t add up to me.

So the ball in question that was handed to the officials and said to be deflated was caught during an interception. It was then handed to some type of equipment person and God only knows who else before it made its way to an official to be tested. Now my question is the following… If the Colts are the ones who informed the league about the Pats using under inflated balls days before the game and then handed the officials a ball that they intercepted during the game that happened to be under inflated, how do we know that they weren’t the ones that deflated it somewhere between when it was intercepted and handed over to the officials? The refs obviously weren’t keeping track of that particular ball so who’s to say that one of the people that touched said ball didn’t let some air out of it to “prove” the point they were obviously trying to make in the first place? I’m pretty sure that would be considered tainted evidence in any court in the land yet in the NFL it’s used as a jumping off point for a huge investigation over a minor offense.

“But what about the text messages between the two idiots?” you ask. Well, I’m glad you brought that up. Yes those are some seriously damning texts indeed and in my opinion they shouldn’t have jobs anymore and should be banned from Gillette. That doesn’t mean that Tom Brady knew anything about it though. I’ve been waiting for someone to mention this point and somehow it hasn’t come up yet and I don’t know why. There’s a certain something that happens when a person of position or power makes a request to a certain type of person working below them. Most people have trouble saying “no,” to people in power. Just take George Lucas and those horrible prequels. There’s no way that someone at Lucasfilms didn’t know how bad those movies were when they were being planned or made, as a matter of fact I’d bet money that a lot of his employees thought that they sucked from the start, but yet no one told him that they did and no one told poor old George that in forty years he still has no idea how to write credible dialogue. It happens all the time just think of the worst movies you’ve seen in the last decade or two and when you wonder how in gods name it got made look no further than someone below just didn’t want to get into trouble because they told their powerful boss how much they sucked.

Sorry I got a bit sidetracked. My point is that in my opinion it is entirely possible that somewhere in the long relationship Tom has with the equipment guy he let the underling know that he likes his footballs to be a bit on the softer side and probably showed him what he meant by tossing him one that he thought was perfect. The equipment guy, wanting to please Tom then tries his damnedest every week from then on out to make sure that the footballs Tom uses will all feel just like that one that he tossed him on that special day. All of this with only the occasional recognition from his big time boss like “Hey are my balls all set for this weekend?” and giving a hearty “Yes sir Tom, they’ll be perfect just like you like em,”

I see this scenario to be much more plausible than any conspiracy by Tom Brady and other to deflate balls weekly to gain an advantage because to go back to my earlier point. He doesn’t need the advantage as proven by the second half of the colts game or even the Superbowl, which I’m sure had very well measured balls used in them.

Did the equipment guys break the rules? Yes. They should be fired and banned. The Wells report also clears the team and the coach of any wrongdoing as well so why they got fined a million bucks makes no sense to me either. Did Tom Brady break the rules or even probably break the rules? In my opinion no because I really don’t think saying something like “This is perfect can we make sure that they’re always like this?” and having some underling say “Yes sir!” makes you complicit in breaking the rules or endangering the already crumbling integrity of the game.

Oh and one last thing and I know this has been pointed out a lot. but Ray Rice got a two game suspension for knocking his girlfriend out on video in an an elevator but Tom gets four games for maybe knowing about some under inflated balls? That seems like some serious injustice to me.

Back to work with me!


P.S. I only went on about the football stuff so much longer than the marathon bomber because I know so much more about deflategate than the bombing trial. Him being sentenced is the much more important event in my opinion.

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