Just another day ending in Y

Just another day ending in Y

I’ve been slacking lately. I’m just putting it out there because its true. I know what the problem is and I’m working on fixing it, sometimes shit just gets a bit… overwhelming. I don’t like to use that word a lot but I find myself feeling that way more and more recently. There’s a list of things in my head that I know need or at least should get done but for some reason or another they get put off or I can’t quite seem to figure out how to get them done and just put it off. This doesn’t make for a very productive day and leads to frustration and procrastination.

I love being a writer, I do, but the marketing and self promotion end of it gets to be very tedious and sometimes infuriating. I knew all that when I took on this gig and for a long time it was good. Lately its been not as good, I know I need to fix it but trying to figure out the details of how to get to that point is where the gap in the bridge shows up. I need to get a bit more organized and maybe put together a marketing idea to get back on track and move up to the next level.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me bitch for a bit I’m gonna get back to work and try and pull my shit together so I can get back to pumping out some kick ass stories.


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