The feasts have been had, the games have been played and about now most folks are heading to bed or gearing up for Black Friday for today is Thanksgiving, the day to count our blessings and give thanks. I’ve been a bit down lately, been a bit burnt out but no matter how bad or foul my mood has been over the last few months, I’ve always been grateful for all that I have.

I have a beautiful, loving and supportive wife who puts up with me and a dream come true of a dog ( I’ve wanted a German Shepherd since I was a kid). They make me smile every single day, which isn’t often easy to do, and in return I do my best to make them happy as well. I could go on about the numerous other things that I have to be thankful for but I’m big on being efficient and almost none of the other things I have would be possible without these two in my life.

I don’t need Thanksgiving to remind to be thankful but if it helps some people out there then good. I just like that it slows everything down for a little while and gives people a break as well as something to look forward to. I think there should be more of those type of days in life but until then I’ll just be thankful for the ones that I have. Happy Thanksgiving all!


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