sex sex sex

sex sex sex

That work I wanted to get done today turned out to be a six page sex scene. I’ve reread it a few times already and it needs a bit of polishing but all in all it works out really nicely. Funny because I had just been wondering the other day whether this book was even going to have a sex scene. Today without even looking for it I stumbled upon it and completely surprised myself in a good way (just like good sex sometimes).

I always enjoy writing those scenes but  I tend to get shy about them when I read them later. I don’t know if it’s because I’m telling these stories in the first person or not but I start to get nervous that people won’t like them, or think I’m weird. Which in and of itself is odd since I am usually the furthest thing from shy. anyway, just thought I’d update.

enjoy the rest of the day,


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  1. As much as I like writing a fantasy story for my sons, I have often thought of writing adult fiction on the side…. my husband would just love it when I’m finished with the scene and all hot and bothered and still sitting at home 🙂

  2. Yep, it most definitely could spice up a hum drum kind of day. 😉
    Oh I also updated my last post about female characters, I added a couple paragraphs at the bottom.
    Thanks for reading!

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