Upstate New York and Captain America

Upstate New York and Captain America

It’s not quite summer yet but it was time for our week long vacation along the scenic byways and back roads of upstate New York. My wife and I love to take road trips and wander around to see all the little places that you won’t see on the major highways. You may get there faster on a highway but it is never as interesting.

Last year we took US route 1 all the way along the coast of Maine until it intersected with I95N at the Canadian border. We take these trips as often as we can but we’ve pretty much covered all of New England at this point (Western Maine is the only exception, but it’s on the list) This year we decided to do a chunk of Upstate New York. We turned north almost as soon as we entered New York from Massachusetts and followed a river up something that was marked as the “locks and lakes byway” north until we Got to Lake George.


We stayed in a beautiful cabin that was essentially built on the side of a mountain. The lake area itself is gorgeous but I wasn’t very impressed by the attitude of the drivers in the area. People say that Massachusetts drivers are rude but the lake George crowd blew us away in my opinion. It didn’t ruin the great weather and cozy cabin though.

From Lake George we kept heading north and checked out Saratoga state park and Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Defiance. We continued North until we were driving parallel to the Canadian border all the way over to Lake Ontario. It was amazing to see a body of water so large that I couldn’t see the other side.

We then began our trek back home and made our way through the Catskills to a quaint little cabin nestled in between two 3600 foot mountains. We stayed here for two nights. we made a campfire, cooked smores and enjoyed the piece and serenity of the rural mountain surroundings.


The second day of our stay was rainy but we still wandered around and explored some of the more touristy areas and found a great diner to grab breakfast at on our way home the next day. After grabbing a breakfast of home made corned beef hash and eggs we took the back roads back into Massachusetts and got home in the early afternoon. The rest of our vacation was spent unpacking and catching up on things.

We also managed to squeeze in getting to the movie theater and finally see Captain America Civil War before it left theaters.  I thought it was one of the best Marvel movies yet and that it could have just been another Avengers movie instead of a Cap movie. It was far better than Batman vs Superman and I’ll more than likely be picking up the blu ray when it comes out.

Now its time to buckle down and get back to work so that I can finish the second Strand book and start the third book. I’m sure that there will be shorter road trips throughout the summer, there almost always are and if they’re as much fun as the previous ones have been then bring on the summer!

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