Spring is here!

Spring is here!

I tried this yesterday and it didn’t go so well so lets give it another go.

It’s spring now so it’s time for me to end my annual winter hibernation. Time to get back in the swing of things and get back to work on editing the second Strand book and hopefully getting to work on the third book soon. I also realized that I should be updating this page much more often (probably because I’ve been talking to someone a lot lately about social media marketing) So I’m gonna try and do at least a weekly update on either the writing side of this site or the small but needing to grow travel side of this site. Either way, it means more content that I’m sure all of you, and by that I mean both of you, will want to read!

Lots going on though, like I said, I have to finish editing Strand book 2 and put together the cover still, get to work on book 3 plus there’s spring and summer travel plans to work on and continue my ever growing desire to be fluent in Italian. Oh yeah and figure out what all this new content will be here for my at least weekly updates. I’m sure whatever it is it’ll be fucking awesome so stay tuned!

Back to work with me


P.S. here’s a picture of Lily as a puppy laying in the grass. Happy first day of spring everyone!

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