So I decided tonight that I should indulge in a couple drinks. I’m about 4 shots into a lovely single malt whiskey and so far everything seems to be going swimmingly. The melancholy tones of ¬†Vooddo Chile by Jimi Hendrix is blaring out of my laptop and It’s just about time for another refill. So far my typing seems okay and the one wonderful thing I’m noticing is that my normal level of not giving a fuck and non racing mind is back. Lately, I’ve had this massive problem of overthinking and since I’m not the most optimistic person, it is usually overthinking in a negative way. So to stem the tide of negativity I decided to have a few drinks and by golly it seems to have done the trick (for now). I may have to punish my liver more often. I was never one for the idea of drinking alone but I’ve done it a couple of times so far and I have to say its actually pretty fun. I may have to do this more often. anyway I’m off to refill and listen to some tunes (Journey right this second) I’d say back to work with me but fuck that shit I’m drinking. maybe I’ll draw something later on

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