Quiet time

Quiet time

I’ve spent a good deal of time at home lately because I screwed up my back. It’s better now (I’m sure you were all worried). But that isn’t the point of my post tonight. Because I’ve spent all this time at home I’ve had a lot of time to work on the second book, and it is coming along nicely. Every now and again I get stuck on teh story, something doesn’t fit right or something just isn’t working for me. Whatever it is I get stuck.

Which brings me to quiet time. Even though my house is usually very quiet during the day I find I still need that break when I’m not staring at the laptop or the TV isn’t distracting me in the background. I seem to find the most peace when I’m out on my porch smoking a cigarette. I know it’s an awful habit and quitting is imminent, I’m sure. I’m getting way to old to be doing it for much longer.

I do seem to get my best results though. It’s quiet and I have nothing to do but sit and let my mind wander. I’ve always been good at letting my mind wander. Usually it involves pretty girls but since I’ve started writing it now tends to be about plot lines and story issues. For some reason almost every time I get to have some quiet time I end up figuring out the next cool subplot or how to start the next chapter> I never know what it’s going to be which is probably why I think it’s so much fun, it’s like surprising myself!

Anyway, I just thought I’d mention quiet time since I’m about to go have some to see where my story takes me next.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day!


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