Arisia 2020

Arisia 2020

Its that time of year again when I get my annual invitation to the Arisia sci fi convention that’s held in January usually at the Westin waterfront hotel in Boston. Someday I hope to have a lot more invites to a lot more conventions but this is something nice to look forward to every year.

I’ve got the hotel all booked for the weekend and i just have to finish up which panels I want to be a part of and then I just sit back and wait until they tell me how many I have to plan for. Last year I got 1 so I’m kinda of hoping for a few more this year.

I always enjoy going to Arisia, I don’t always remember them all that well but when I do I always have a good time.

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  1. Don, I’m sorry to be like everyone else, but we’re pretty anxiously awaiting news of another release. The after the storm series I thought was very very well done I very much enjoyed it, and I hope to see that you put something out soon! I know I’m one of a millions I hope that are asking for more from you!

    • Hi Steven, Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed them! I’m working on the third book in the Strand series at the moment as well as some illustration work but Mack and the others have been rumbling around in my mind a lot lately. Hopefully I’ll be jumping back into that world after I finish my current story.

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