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I’ve always loved to travel, but I never had the money to do it when I was younger, not do it well anyway. In the past, I would take day trips up to the coast of Maine to enjoy some great fresh seafood or out to the western part of Massachusetts to do a show and a nice hotel party after, most of which, I don’t remember because well, I was drunk. And there is most certainly not many pictures of those lovely evenings.

What little traveling I did, when I was younger, was mostly what I like to call Hobo style. I would somehow wrangle enough cash to go somewhere and would head out on my way. I went to visit friends in San Antonio, Milwaukee and Tulare California. That last one, I took a train from Boston To LA, that was exciting. I just wish I had brought a camera with me because, truth be told, it was so long ago I don’t remember much about the trip.

Now days though, it seems that my travel is a lot more varied and much more well planned. During the first thirty seven years of my life I had never gotten to leave the US and in the last nine years I have visited Canada, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Scotland, England, Bermuda and the ABC Islands. I will be adding France later this year. All of this wonderful travel is due to the fact that my wife, Christina, loves to wander as much as I do, but it seems her sights were set a bit higher and more international than mine ever could have been back in the day.

We love to see all the great stuff here in our area too, so we frequently wander up and down the coast hoping to find new cool stuff to experience. I’m hoping to share some of that stuff and maybe some helpful travel tips on this page. Enjoy!

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