Born in Dorchester, Ma in 1973 I spent my first three years in this extension of Boston. I learned two important things during my years in Dot, one was to ride a two wheeled bike and two was that I couldn’t stop myself in midair, no matter how hard I tried (I broke my leg jumping off some stairs and tried to stop myself mid jump so that I wouldn’t land on someone rollerskating beneath me. I successfully avoided landing on said little girl, and successfully broke my leg as well.)

From there my family moved to Arlington and I’ve been stuck… I mean, I’ve essentially lived there ever since. I spent a couple years here and there but Arlington has been home for the better part of my life. I graduated from high school there and went on to attend the Art Institute of Boston which is located in lovely Chicago… no, it isn’t but I figured telling you it was in Boston might be a bit redundant. I studied Illustration, women and cheap wine for the next four years.

From there it was on to the real world and lots of different jobs in the retail warehouse, computer, and hotel industry. I’m sure you can see how they’re all related ::Shakes his head slowly because they aren’t at all:: here is where things get blurry, confusing, and all around kind of unpleasant, so we’ll skip a few years.

I had just returned from an extended stay in a mid western state that I would rather forget (no, I wasn’t in prison, it just felt like it) and was staying with friends in Haverhill, MA. Eventually, I moved in with my future wife, back to Arlington where I got ย a German Shepherd named Lily in 2010, was married (not to Lily) ย in 2011, left the country for the first time ever in 2011, and finished my first & second books between 2010 &2012. Now, I’m a stay at home dad to the dog as well as a full time writer, hoping to write the story of a lifetime and sell it for tons and tons of money so my wife doesn’t have to work anymore if she doesn’t want to.

Strand book 2 “Delarus” ย is in the midst of being written and should hopefully be out in the summer of 2016.

There is so much more I could put here, I spent ten years playing baseball, ten years in a Rocky Horror cast, and ten years doing stuff with someone I really shouldn’t have been doing stuff with. None of those things are really relevant to what I’m doing these days except for the fact that they were very important in helping me develop into the man I am today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading, I hope it was fun!



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  1. I like to read the bio’s for one reason, missing space. I don’t trust a dude without the smell of the burn on him, girls either. The burn gives you the weight to suffer with your charachters. Your suffering means multi-dimensional pro and an tagonists’
    If your attempting post-apoc you really have to bleed.
    And BTW you gotta write full time to even have a chance at becoming a fiction great.
    Now I’ll read your 1st book.
    Good Luck

  2. I am in the middle or rewrite first novel… outside the US…I read you are self published?…the writing for me is easy…all this business stuff is a real nightmare to me…finding an agent seems like more work than the work…..maybe there’s not a question in here….advice?…maybe?….thanks

    • First of all, congratulations on the first novel! I am self published on Amazon. There are a bunch of other places to self publish but Amazon seems to get the most business. I don’t have an agent because I deal directly with Amazon. The business end of it is by far the hardest part of all of this. getting yourself out there and known is tough. I was always told that the first thing you needed was your own website but I’d have to say getting yourself out there and getting your name known to people is far more valuable than a website that no one knows is there. Best of luck!

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