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Just a little rant.

Just a little rant.

Every now and again I end up getting a review about how my stories couldn’t possibly ever happen because I make it seem like our military is inept. That you could never assassinate an officer and get away with it like they do in my book, so it just isn’t believable.

Some flaws to your logic, if you are indeed one of these people.

This is NOT the US military. It is the remnants of what is left after a cataclysmic, world changing event, where 95% of the population has been killed.

Most of the soldiers that were very good at their jobs are, once again, DEAD! the officers and leaders that help make the military as good as it is today are also DEAD. The people that are now in charge are essentially the people that should NOT be in charge. So yes, they are inept!

After they came out of the bunkers the military was so depleted they started recruiting and offering food and shelter to those who would enlist and those people’s families. In return a lot of people that signed up were only in it for the survival of their families, again, probably inept.

They are also very spread out. The main focus and base of operations is the midwest of the country where they were welcomed back and celebrated. The east coast has been a thorn in their side and they have minimal coverage there because the manpower is so limited and recruiting is much lower in those areas.

All of these points are spoken of in the series and if you were paying attention instead of being angry about how inept the military was you may have realized even a couple of these points.

Oh, and last but not least. ITS FUCKING FICTION! I have watched countless and I mean countless hours of movies and shows where the military or police, or whatever the bad guy may be is not as awesome as the good guy. Do you know why this is? it’s because IT’S FUCKING FICTION, that’s why. A couple hundred thousand stormtroopers can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn or beat a farmboy, a smuggler, a whiny princess, two unarmed droids and an old man that doesn’t carry a gun? Oh, they’re also supposed to be the most feared army in the galaxy!  Yeah, Star Wars sucked why would anyone ever watch that crap. (granted the new ones were crap, but beside my original point)

In conclusion, please get a grip on your fucking selves. It’s fiction. God forbid anyone say anything bad about our own military. Which, if you read the above points, you’d realize that I’m not doing. It’s just a story that is supposed to entertain you and bring you to another place. It’s not a survival guide. It’s not based on actual facts. It’s not a critique on our government or military. IT’S FUCKING FICTION! Have a little fun with it and get your head out of your ass.

Ok that made me feel better now. I can only hope that one or two of these people actually reads this, but I’m almost positive they won’t. Enjoy the rest of your weekends. I’m off to go do some work.





Well, I was stuck until the other day when a good friend of mine let me bounce ideas off of him for a bit. Within ten minutes he had taken those ideas and helped me figure out which direction to go in the latest story. I’m not a fan of being stuck, as I’m sure no writer is. I never seem to get stuck on the big picture or during action scenes, and rarely do I have trouble with dialogue. I tend to get stuck on those in between scenes You know you finish off one scene and you know where you need to go next but it’s the bridge to that next section that I tend to get screwed up on. Sometimes it’s only for a couple hours, during the first two books though I would sometimes be stuck for a week or more before the proverbial light bulb would go off.

With the new book I have figured out that if I can talk to one of the couple people I bounce ideas off of that I get unstuck much easier than I used to. I don’t know if it’s me getting more experience or I learned to find someone to talk to earlier is all. either way it’s working and I like it. Let’s hope it lasts.

I would like to thank the folks that act as my sounding board. I’m pretty sure they’ll read this and know who they are.

Back to work with me. Enjoy your evenings!


Release day!

Release day!

Book 2 is now up on Amazon for kindle. The paperback version takes a bit to catch up so that should be up sometime in the next couple days. In the meantime it can be found in paperback at createspace.com for $7.99. Barnes and Noble seems to be taking a bit longer with the nook version but it will be up there as well as soon as it’s ready. 

It’s funny I was so anxious for the last couple days and today it’s here and now I’m looking around like what the fuck? I think I may have been over prepared because now I’m sitting around checking off my list of places to post it and I’m already done and it’s not even noon. This was much more difficult and time consuming the first time around. If I got that much better at this part of it I can only pray that my writing got that much better the second time around… Probably not but one can dream. 🙂

Anyway I guess this frees up a bit of time to go mow the lawn or something else that seems not as fun.

Enjoy your weekend all and don’t forget to pick up Book 2! 





P.S. Oh yeah, book 1 is free this weekend on kindle as well. If you haven’t picked that up do that as well!


Oh yeah, the book

Oh yeah, the book

For those that have read the book I’m telling you now this is just to fill people in who may not have read it yet.

I Suppose I should actually post something about the book “After the Storm”.

It is a post apocalyptic novel set five years after a meteor has crashed into Earth. 95% of the population of the US has been effectively wiped out between the meteor, earthquakes, volcanoes, lack of food, sickness and riots. I say US because the main characters have no idea what has happened to the rest of the planet since there is little to no mass communication anymore. The government took it’s best and brightest and hid them in bunkers across the US for two and a half years while the general populace has had to fend for itself.

The story picks up five years after the meteor and is told from the point of view of Duncan Mackenzie or Mack who is the head of a clan that lives in a town just outside of Boston MA. The government has come back in a much smaller capacity and the man in charge is not really someone who should be in charge. In some areas of the country the governments aid was welcome and much appreciated, but in some places, such as the north east it was shunned and met with disdain and violence in some cases.

The story follows Mack and his “clan” as they try and survive in a harsh new world and remain free at the same time.